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Hypershield: Cisco's AI-Powered Cloud Security Shakes Up the DevOps World

Gift Balogun
Gift Balogun

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In a major development, Cisco has unveiled Cisco Hypershield, a pioneering approach to securing data centers and clouds in response to the escalating demands of the AI revolution on IT infrastructure. This innovative solution harnesses and protects AI and modern workloads like never before.

Cisco Hypershield is an industry-first security architecture that safeguards applications, devices, and data across public and private data centers, clouds, and physical locations. Built with AI in mind from the outset, Hypershield empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented security outcomes that surpass what we know today. This landscape created a pressing need for a unified, AI-powered cybersecurity solution like Hypershield, which could provide real-time threat detection, automation, and simplified management.

Cybersecurity Landscape Before Hypershield

The cybersecurity landscape is in a constant state of flux as cybercriminals and nation-state actors continually innovate their tactics, techniques, and procedures. This evolution includes AI-driven attacks that exploit vulnerabilities and patterns in organizations' digital assets, enabling intrusions and damage with speed and precision. These sophisticated threats challenge traditional security measures, demanding more advanced defenses and adaptability from organizations.

The rise of distributed architecture—spanning multiple devices, networks, and locations—complicates this challenge by introducing new attack vectors. Network vulnerabilities, cloud security gaps, and IoT device weaknesses are among the areas that attackers/hackers can targets. Moreover, supply chain attacks, insider threats, and application compromises further broaden the scope of potential breaches. The inherent complexity of distributed systems requires careful security measures to mitigate these risks.

Organizations can reduce the impact of these threats by implementing robust security strategies such as network segmentation, cloud security monitoring, and encryption. Additionally, they should focus on securing IoT devices, third-party libraries, and application components to protect against supply chain attacks. Through continuous vulnerability management, insider threat detection, and port security, organizations can create a safer digital environment. Although it's challenging to eliminate attacks entirely, a comprehensive approach can significantly reduce their occurrence and impact. This is where Hypershield comes in.

Hypershield: A Game-Changer in Security Innovation?

Hypershield is a revolutionary security fabric that brings enforcement capabilities to every corner of an IT ecosystem. It secures every application service in the data centers, every Kubernetes cluster in the public cloud, every container and virtual machine (VM), and even transforms every network port into a high-performance security enforcement point. This cutting-edge technology blocks application exploits in minutes and halts lateral movement in its tracks.

"Cisco Hypershield marks one of the most substantial security breakthroughs in our history," stated Chuck Robbins, Cisco Chair and CEO. Hypershield, is expected to be Generally Available in August 2024.

The Three Pillars of Hypershield

You may ask, “what makes Hypershield special?” well it’s uniqueness is based on the following core pillars:

Hypershield is designed for autonomous operation and equipped with predictive capabilities upon establishing trust. This AI-centric design creates a hyper-distributed security framework capable of scaling up to accommodate the demands of the largest and most complex organizations.

Built on open-source eBPF, Hypershield leverages the default mechanism for connecting and protecting cloud-native workloads in hyperscale clouds. Cisco's acquisition of Isovalent, the leading provider of eBPF for enterprises, further enhances Hypershield's cloud-native capabilities.

Hypershield redefines traditional network security by embedding advanced security controls into servers and the network fabric. This hyper-distributed approach spans all clouds and leverages hardware acceleration like Data Processing Units (DPU) to analyze and respond to application and network behavior anomalies, bringing security closer to the workloads needing protection.

Why Hypershield?

Hypershield addresses three key customer challenges in defending against today's sophisticated threat landscape:

Distributed Exploit Protection: Hypershield delivers protection in minutes by automatically testing and deploying compensating controls into the distributed fabric of enforcement points, safeguarding against weaponized vulnerabilities.

Autonomous Segmentation: Hypershield perpetually observes, auto-reasons, and re-evaluates existing policies to segment the network autonomously, stopping lateral movement in large and complex environments.

Self-qualifying Upgrades: Hypershield automates the laborious process of testing and deploying upgrades, leveraging a dual data plane to ensure zero downtime and seamless policy changes.

Empowering Enterprise IT Teams

Initially developed for hyperscale public clouds, Hypershield is now available for enterprise IT teams of all sizes. According to Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Security and Collaboration at Cisco, "AI can empower the world's 8 billion people to have the same impact as 80 billion. With this abundance, we must reimagine the role of the data centers – how data centers are connected, secured, operated, and scaled."

With its unprecedented security capabilities, Hypershield will revolutionize data centers and cloud security, enabling organizations to thrive in the era of AI.

Cisco Hypershield is revolutionizing data centers security by enabling enforcement anywhere it's needed – in software, servers, or even network switches. Simplified management is crucial with a distributed system that can include hundreds of thousands of enforcement points. The goal is to achieve much more autonomy at a much lower cost than what's currently possible.

What's in it for the builders and maintainers?

As a developer or DevOps practicioner, Hypershield offers rages of benefits to ease the stress and have a more efficient and effective way of minimizing risk and reducing burdens of security management. Here are the key benefits:

  • Streamlined Security: Hypershield integrates security into the DevOps pipeline, reducing the complexity of implementing and managing security controls.
  • Automated Compliance: Hypershield's AI-driven security platform automates compliance and vulnerability management, saving DevOps teams time and resources.
  • Faster Deployment: With Hypershield, DevOps teams can deploy applications and services faster, knowing that security is built-in and automated.
  • Improved Collaboration: Hypershield ensures that security is integrated into every stage of the development process, promoting collaboration between security and DevOps teams.
  • Reduced Risk: Hypershield's advanced security controls and AI-driven threat detection minimize the risk of security breaches and vulnerabilities, protecting DevOps environments.
  • Simplified Security Management: Hypershield provides a unified security platform, simplifying security management and reducing the burden on DevOps teams.

Industry Experts Weigh in on Cisco Hypershield

Here are view of some industry professional:

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust at IDC, "AI is not just a force for good but also a tool used for nefarious purposes, allowing hackers to reverse engineer patches and create exploits in record time. Cisco Hypershield aims to tip the scales back in favour of the defender by shielding new vulnerabilities against exploit in minutes - rather than the days, weeks, or even months as we wait for patches to get deployed."

Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, notes, "Cisco Hypershield aims to address the complex security challenges of modern, AI-scale data centers. Cisco's vision of a self-managing fabric that seamlessly integrates from the network to the endpoint will help redefine what's possible for security at scale."

Steven Aiello, Field Chief Information Security Officer at AHEAD, emphasizes, "At AHEAD, we believe cybersecurity should be integrated into everything we do. Bolted-on security is more expensive and less effective. Cisco Hypershield ensures that cyber protections are included in the enterprise's fabric. Distributed Exploit Protection will be a massive win for blue teams - legacy synthetic patching was primarily limited to edge devices, allowing lateral movement once an attacker breached the perimeter. It's a great day for cyber-defenders!"

With Hypershield, Cisco is revolutionizing security for the AI era, providing a unified, AI-driven, cross-domain security platform that empowers defenders to stay ahead of evolving threats.

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