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First Multi-Cloud Native OSS Platform for Telco Industry?

Gift Balogun
Gift Balogun

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Blue Planet, a division of Ciena — A global leader in networking systems, recently launched a major enhancement to its intelligent automation software portfolio with the first-of-its-kind Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform.

Leveraging Kubernetes, this new platform will allow Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to support multiple modular Operating Support System (OSS) applications and simplify and automate their environments.

What is an Operating Support System (OSS)?

An Operational Support System (OSS) is the backend data innovation foundation that permits media transmission companies and other Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to make, organize, arrange, keep up, and oversee network services and orders.

Source: ResearchGate
Source: ResearchGate

These OSS systems include order administration, service control, network automation and management, invoicing, among others. They are implemented to reduce the provider’s operating costs while optimizing or improving the system’s efficiency, output, and availability.

What is a Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud is an approach where organizations use cloud computing services from multiple cloud providers simultaneously to run their applications. Instead of relying on a single cloud stack, multi-cloud environments typically involve a combination of two or more public clouds, two or more private clouds, or a mix of both.

Nowadays, businesses are adopting multi-cloud solutions to benefit from all that each cloud provider offers. According to a VMware survey, about 41% of companies who use multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments have reported lower costs.

Multi-cloud platform solutions can statistically enhance security, performance, and redundancy. Businesses that use more than on provider can reduce their risk of disruptions and data loss.
Businesses can use it to optimize workloads for various areas or data types. Additionally, the solution offers organizations greater flexibility and choice, giving them a competitive edge.

Multi-Cloud Native for Telco with Kubernetes

By using Kubernetes, Blue Planet will enable CSPs to streamline and automate their OSS environments by supporting several modular Operating Support System (OSS) applications. Combining assurance, orchestration, and inventory apps onto a single platform offers a revolutionary method for enhancing operational effectiveness and streamlining service lifecycle automation.

CSPs want to become software-driven, artificial intelligence (AI) informed connectivity engines that support end users' access to cloud, mobile, broadband, and other services. Achieving this goal requires modernizing their OSS since it lowers costs and increases agility by automating processes, reducing complexity and customizations. The foundation of this digital transformation process is Blue Planet's Cloud Native Platform, which makes it easier to automate crucial service lifecycle management procedures from start to finish for any kind of vendor, service, or network.

The new platform provides CSPs with notable benefits beyond what Blue Planet is now known for. These features include:

  • Continuous integration/Delivery (CI/CD) support and in-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU).
  • It supports all cloud environments either public cloud, private or hybrid.
  • All Blue Planets OSS apps have Common Lifecycle Management (CLM) which reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Comments from the Telecommunications Industry

From Joe Cumello, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Blue Planet
“The Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform revolutionizes the conventional method of creating custom, tangled integrations that have previously hindered CSPs from being flexible, open, and agile. Our approach introduces a higher degree of convergence that fully embraces cloud technology and overhauls the OSS, making it a key competitive advantage. This transformation not only reduces operational expenses but also enables rapid innovation in creating novel business models.”

From Francis Haysom, Principal Analyst, Appledore Research
“The legacy OSS used by CSPs is intricate, comprising highly customized and isolated systems. Unfortunately, this complexity has hindered growth and agility. However, the innovative Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform integrates Blue Planet’s distinctive capabilities, telecom expertise, and cloud-native approach. This platform provides CSPs with a solid foundation to simplify and modernize their operations.”

From Ankur Jain, Vice President, Google Distributed Cloud Engineering & Telecom Industry, Google Cloud
“Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform empowers CSPs to be more software-driven, digital businesses with the industry’s only cloud-native OSS platform. By transitioning their OSS workloads to Google Cloud and leveraging Kubernetes as the foundation, Blue Planet not only streamlines CSPs’ evolution toward a modernized, AI-driven, and cloud-native OSS but also accelerates innovation, reduces operational costs, and enhances end-user experiences.”

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